Saturday, 14 April 2012

Birch Bark Moose Call

Hey everyone,

This is not a canoe paddle post, but it's going up anyways. When I was away at Easter weekend at the cabin, I was in the woods and I scared a bull moose out of his bed.

I decided to make the classic birch bark moose call. I found a birch bark tree that was on the ground (do not take from a live tree it can kill them). Find a nice piece on the tree without any knots, cut a a straight line down and around the tree at the top of your line and the bottom. Go over the lines over and over again applying a lot of pressure.  Once you have a good two foot long piece take it and soak it in the bath tub over night. Then get a pot of water, bring it to a boil and steam the bark. By steaming and soaking it, you will be able to move the bark without breaking the bark.

Cut it into a cone shape and punch holes down one side. Roll the cone and line it up the holes with the other side and dot with a marker, where the holes will be on the other side. Punch the holes on the other side, and use a running stitch through the holes. I used leather you can use what you would like.  Throw this in your canoe and practice your call when you're out in the canoe, you will be surprised with how many moose will come out to visit you! If you have a good call in the Fall of course !

Thanks for reading,