Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Elk Antler Knife


When cleaning up the shop,  i found the knife blades i bought before (inspiration Marks post). I have seen buck tines turned into handles when i bought the elk antler this purpose i bought it for.

I cut the grip to a comfortable piece  that fit my hand. I opted not to put a metal piece where the antler meets the tang, i thought the antler was pretty enough.  You can also cut the tang down a bit.

I then used the  belt sander to get that white edged look. Just a light  and quick spin does the trick.

There is a few ways to get the tang into the antler. 

1) Drill two small holes and file the inside until you have a snug fit. Tape the blade , apply epoxy to the inside of the holes and stick the tang in. 

2) Soak the antler for a month in rain water  or creek water until the pithy core can be dented with your nail (softer the better) . Tape the blade, secure it in a vise and slowly insert the tang trying not to move left to right ( you will get a sloppy bind. Once done let it dry and it will be just like epoxy.

3) For the impatient (like me), you can boil it. Same thing as the rain water once you can push you thumbnail in and it forms a dent, you're good to go. Unlike the soaking method if you leave it boiling to long it may become fragile.

I actually did a bit of 1 and 3 . I drilled a hole and filed it out a little and then boiled the antler. Overall the knife feel great in the hand. I will be doing something to cover the little gap between the tang and antler, just not sure what yet.

More detailed instructions at the following sites:



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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hudson Bay Voyageur- Maple - Pyrography

 Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the long times since the last post. Just lack of time and such.  I found a bit of time today to finish the artwork i started awhile ago on my last paddle. I have always loved owls so, it seemed fitting to try this for the first time on a paddle.

I had also bought a tiny pack of paint and brushes ( Amazing sale !) as you can see below, i painted the eyes on the owl to make them pop !  If you do this (add paint) be sure to do it in sunlight, I kept layering the yellow to darken it. When i took the paddle to the sunlight it was way brighter then in a normally lit room. 

I think i could have shaded the owl more then i did. I was under the impression that when you finish the paddle the image that is burned on darkens. I think it did the opposite, some of the detail faded. 
It was finished using a pre stain and then Tung oil. I had planned to use the Badger oil i had picked up at the adventure show but as i applied it to the pre stain, it did the same effect as water and oil. I wipe it off and applied the Tung oil, I'm very happy with the paddle. 

Also note that after going to the adventure show i thinned down the shaft even more, after seeing the other custom paddles i knew i could push it and thin it some more.

More posts to follow on the cedar paddle i have been marking out in a bit !

Thanks for reading !