Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hudson Bay Voyageur- Maple - Pyrography

 Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the long times since the last post. Just lack of time and such.  I found a bit of time today to finish the artwork i started awhile ago on my last paddle. I have always loved owls so, it seemed fitting to try this for the first time on a paddle.

I had also bought a tiny pack of paint and brushes ( Amazing sale !) as you can see below, i painted the eyes on the owl to make them pop !  If you do this (add paint) be sure to do it in sunlight, I kept layering the yellow to darken it. When i took the paddle to the sunlight it was way brighter then in a normally lit room. 

I think i could have shaded the owl more then i did. I was under the impression that when you finish the paddle the image that is burned on darkens. I think it did the opposite, some of the detail faded. 
It was finished using a pre stain and then Tung oil. I had planned to use the Badger oil i had picked up at the adventure show but as i applied it to the pre stain, it did the same effect as water and oil. I wipe it off and applied the Tung oil, I'm very happy with the paddle. 

Also note that after going to the adventure show i thinned down the shaft even more, after seeing the other custom paddles i knew i could push it and thin it some more.

More posts to follow on the cedar paddle i have been marking out in a bit !

Thanks for reading !



  1. Good work on the burn...really like the touch of paint for the eyes. I've also found that shading on some woods, like maple, gets faded somehow when finishing with topcoat of oil / varnish. Now I tend to discreetly test an area first with a little oil before coating the whole paddle and that way you can go back and burn any areas again if contrast or shading is needed.

    We all need pics of you using your creations now that paddling season seems to be around the corner!

  2. Hey Murat,

    I was thinking next time of adding a few tone of yellow next time to bring it more to life (to bad i thought of this after i finished it. I will be sure to oil part of it next time, don't want to have this happen again.

    I'm excited to try the White water paddle and Voyageur paddle. All of my others have seen lots of water (no wall mounts for me). I will be up north next weekend but i don't know if ill be able get any paddling time in.

    I will be teaching some canoeing groups this May so it should be a pretty good year for paddling!

    Thanks for the tips and reading !