Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pyrography - Eagle (Part 2)

Had a day off today because I'm the lucky one that gets to work all weekend, so I did a little bit of work on the Eagle (finished it actually).

I continued the shading the feathers, but this time I switched the tip I was using to a medium shading spoon.  While doing the feathers, I would shade a thicker line on the outside of my original line to add a shadow and create layers among the feathers.

I dotted just underneath the eye using the skew tip to make tiny dots. I then uses a thicker tip to put a darker outline among the dots. Finally, I added a few thin hairs.

I lightly shaded lines among the beak at select parts; I was luckily enough to be able to study my African grey parrot's beak for this.  

For the eye I shaded it in using different levels of heat, especially the iris  (light heat). I then took a knife and scraped the tip across parts to ensure there were no blotches in this very important spot (can make or break your piece).  Last but not least I scraped a "glint" into the eye to bring it to life.

And that's it!



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