Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pyrogrpahy - Black Capped Chickadees

Hey Everyone,

Had a chance to do a bit more Pyrography work over the past few days. I picked a pattern from Sue Walters book . To transfer the pattern to the wood i printed it out on a laser jet printer (ink jet doesn't work ) flipped it over so ink was touching the wood and took a clothes iron to the back of the paper. The heat melts the ink and the ink sticks to the paper.

This piece came together pretty quick !

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Using a laser jet printer to transfer an image, I hadn't heard of that. I will have to keep it in mind


  2. You can also use mineral spirits and rub it onto the back of the paper. I have not tried this yet. The heat method works great just be sure to really rub the iron over it a few times. Tape it at the top so if you lift it and see its not transferred full you will not had the double vision effect !

    Thanks for reading !


  3. Paul! I love your pyrography!! I had no idea you were such a natural artist! Where did you get the pyrography tools? I'm kinda inspired! haha

  4. Thanks ! cant take all the credit here i'm work off others work. I got the intro book and tools from Lee Valley, bit expensive to start. If your going to try it be sure that you want to. Love the profile name ps ! ill be following your blog so get posting !