Monday, 1 April 2013

Cutting board !

Best layout
Hi all !

Sarah and I recent bought a house, so I thought I would take a few scraps of wood that have been laying around and make a cutting board .

Pre Oil
I used hard maple , walnut , curly maple and paduk . There hardwoods so that the knife won't ruin them to bad . I've been told wood cutting boards aren't the best because of salmonella, but I just wanted a small project .

I lined it all up so that I had the patten that looked the best . I think this turned out pretty good . I then planned the edges so that they would fit together well, without any gaps .

I glued them all using some good glue and clamped all the wood together.

I then planned all the wood down to an even thickness . I rounded the corners with the disc sander and took the edges off so they were just slightly rounded .

Finished product 
I took some badgers hemp oil ( food grade) and covered the board . I did a few layer and that the cutting board !

Super easy project just wish I had a better saw for ripping stock wood . Then I could have made it into a checkerboard pattern.

Thanks for reading !


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