Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Voyager- Ash (Part 1)

Rough blank edges need sanding
Hey Everyone,

So i have been working on stuff.  Its just been at a slower pace, because life gotten busy. I have been working on a Voyager paddle made of Ash. Ash is very strong but a little on the heavy side.

With each paddle i've been making , i'm constantly trying to improve on my skill. For this one i am really trying to make it as light as possible but still getting a perfect balance of strength and lightweight.  I just dont want push to far and create a paddle that will snap under pressure. I am also trying to develops that small ridge in the centre of the blade where the shaft meets the blade. I dont have a convexed spokeshave, so i may use a dowel and sand paper to get that look.

Ridge in the neck of the blade
I also wanted to really take my time with this paddle, its easy when you start to see them take shape to skip a few details or cut corners. Its those thing though that tend to make them extremely special and to skip them takes away from the details.

I also have started to speed up shaping the grip by using the bandsaw to remove large amount of wood at once. I typically use a rasp and spokeshave to do the grip.  With power tools though you can ruin all your work and the paddle with the smallest slip. Its a bit of a risk but if you pay careful attention it can save a decent amount of time, then a little work with hand tools and your done.

Current state starting to look good 
I have a few ideas on the art work and finishing but not sure which one is best. I also was thinking about putting a resin tip on this one. Even though Ash is hard, i like the ability to push off rocks and such without concern of ruin the paddle or wood.

Thanks for reading and as soon as i kick this nasty cold/ flu/ whatever i have, ill get back o work on it !


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