Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Algonquin- Poplar

Algonquin Blank
I wanted to make an Algonquin style paddle with a type of wood that comes from the woods that I spent my summers in. I wanted birch but was not able to find it, so I got the one that was closest. 
Poplar was a close second and was very affordable. 

I cut out the blank, which I later realized I messed up and made a more squared tip then normal for an Algonquin paddle. I did however like it and left it. 

Note the Paddle on the Right
I also wanted to try and create something similar to a bobble grip. Not to perfect though, mainly because making a perfect sphere with a rasp was harder to do at the time. Also, I can't imagine that the paddle of the Algonquin tribe made would be perfect. 

The paddle sat for a while until I could figure out what I wanted to put on this paddle.  It seemed fitting to put on a moose silhouette. I love nature silhouettes because I'm not that artistic and they have a very impact. You will see more on future paddles until I sharpen my artistic skills.

I used a pre stain for the first time and a very glossy polyurethane finish. Pre stain is a must for all my future paddles, it makes the finish go on evenly.

I tried this ones when I was out canoeing with some kids from the camps and its great! I still think I could have taken off more but it had a bit of knot in the shaft so I kept it a bit thicker. The knot gave the shaft a cool look and held up so I was happy.

Happy Paddling (Get some more in while the weather's nice) 

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