Sunday, 4 September 2011

Without a Paddle

I decided to create a blog about canoe paddle making, similar to the Paddle making (and other canoe stuff) blog. After the joy I got from reading about Murats experiences and concepts I decided that I would take a stab at a blog.

Bit About Me 

I have always had a love for the Outdoors and because of it I have pursued a career in Outdoor Education. I spent many of my summer up in the bush around the Northbay as a child. My father was the one who first introduced me to canoeing on our small lake.

How It Started

When I taught a group of high school kids the basic strokes for canoeing, their teacher asked me if I had ever made my own paddle . I had never thought of it before, but talking with him he explain its not too hard if you can get a blank that's already cut.

About a year later I was at the Adventure show in Toronto with my girlfriend and when we were walking by the displays there was a guy making a paddle. After talking with him for a bit I ended up picking up a basswood blank for 20 bucks and the rest is history (now I'm hooked).

I have made a few paddles and picked up some fun tools and books along the way. In future post I will put up the paddles I have made and anything I have discovered along the way.

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